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Kay didn’t want to go camping. And then, she’d abducted by aliens from the middle of the woods for one of their science experiments, that involved locking her in a room with a sexy man they want her to “mate” with. But what’s their purpose? What do they want from humans?

This title is an erotic horror short of approximately over 4,000 words. It’s available on Amazon US and UK. It’s also free to read with Kindle Unlimited.

Other Works:


On her way to a Halloween party, Leah’s friends want to stop and check out a supposedly haunted house. Leah gets inside – but can’t get out again. And then she encounters the house’s sexy occupant, a man named Donovan.

Available on Amazon US / UK – Free with Kindle Unlimited!


Jane’s worked at the Fontana Casino for years as a cocktail waitress. The uniform keeps getting skimpier but the tips are still good. When she’s forced to wait on a very important guest, she’s surprised by his brazen proposal to join him in his room. But she has to make the guests happy, right?

Pleasing the V.I.P. is an erotic short of about 5,000 words.

On sale now or FREE with Kindle Unlimited: Amazon US, UK


Scarlet and the Wolf is an ongoing series of erotic shorts about a young woman named Scarlet, who encounters a mysterious man in the woods. He’s sexy and naked, and he seems as drawn to her as she is to him. Part one is available now.

Part One (Just 99 cents!)
Part Two


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